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Capt. Tony with a Tarpon.
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Email from David Caisse regarding this
90+ lb Tarpon caught with Capt. Tony.
It has almost been a year since my family and I went to the florida
keys for a vacation of a lifetime. I know you probably don't remember
me, but on May 1st, 2002 my son and I had the pleasure of hiring you 
for the best day of fishing we have ever had in our lives.

The fact I was there with my son as well to share this incredible day 
was something I will never forget. It will probably be a while till I can get
the money for another trip to the keys but when I do, rest assured you
will get the call. Thanks a million and let me know if the picture did
come through. Happy fishing!
David W.Caisse,
Nashua, N.H.





       Diane Montague AKA the "Snookmaster" from England          with Captain Tony DelosSantos 


Email from Joseph Gurgone regarding
his Father-in-Law Tom's Snook trip...

Tony, my father in-law and I would like to thank you again for a great 
day of fishing in the Florida Keys. As you can imagine Tom is the talk 
of the town due to his 'snook'. Attached is the picture for your web site.
Thanks again and we are planning another trip next year!
Joseph F. Gurgone
P.S. It is snowing in Chicago!








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